1. 17/02/2020
    Make colorfull slime at home with the new INSTANT SLIME KITS.
  2. 23/08/2019
    It's time to prepare all items for back to school. Find the glue stick that better suits you.
  3. SLIME, safe and fun
    If you have not yet found the slime recipe with glue ... Have a look to the tips we have prepared for you!
  4. 23/07/2019
    If you are an expert in making homemade slime experiments without borax, you will surely love discovering the NEW SLIME KITS WITH INSTANT GLUE.
  5. Do shinning handcraft with the GALAXY glitter GLUE INSTANT
    Traditional white glue used for different surfaces, has been transformedin such a way that it has become a very attractive and indispensable element handicrafts lovers. This spring comes full of color, brightness and magic with the new INSTANT GLUE launches.
  6. 22/05/2018
    To all our distributors:   We are launching a new collection of elements for commercial support in order to push up PLAYCOLOR (solid gouche stick) sales. With this elements our products will be exposed in a really attractive way to call the attention...
  7. 19/12/2016
    When Christmas is coming, from DUNSA SA we are sending some solidary kits to CARITAS, a non-governmental institution helping disadvantaged people in Spain.
  8. 19/04/2016
    Meet the new PlayColor MAKE UP. Safe, easy to use make up stick. Covering colours, quick dry and pleasant and easy to use. Quality cosmetics.