Do shinning handcraft with the GALAXY glitter GLUE INSTANT
Galaxy glue INSTANT Handcraft
Add a Noen touch to your  handcraft with the NEON GLUE INSTANT
Neon glue INSTANT Handcraft
Do magic handcraft and slime with the magic glue that change its colors with sun light, SOLAR GLUE INSTANT
Solar glue INSTANT Handcraft
Do handcraft and slime with the MAXI glitter GLUE INSTANT. big Size glue bottles.

Traditional white glue used for different surfaces, has been transformedin such a way that it has become a very attractive and indispensable element handicrafts lovers. This spring comes full of color, brightness and magic with the new INSTANT GLUE launches.

Bright colors and glitter are always a great source of inspiration for any handcraft related to space, universe, stars and galaxies. INSTANT GLITTER GALAXY now comes in 6 tones (gold, silver, blue, red, green and violet), in 180ml bottles. Perfect to make a GALACTIC SLIME, decorate a princess crown or much more...


If until now INSTANT offered the INSTANT GLITTER NEON glue in 10.5ml tubes, now it is available in larger bottles (180ml). DElivered in trays of 6 neon colors, in which f yellow, green, pink and orange tones can not be absent. complemented by blue and violet.


The really big surprise comes with INSTANT SOLAR GLUE glue. Magical and exclusive, it is a glue that changes it color under sunlight exposition. It is offered in 180ml bottles in 6 different tones. Convinced of the success of this novelty, INSTANT also proposes a SLIME SOLAR display.


In addition to all these developments, if that were not enough, INSTANT launches a collection of large-format glues. The MAXI GLUE pack of INSTANT, offers the possibility of obtaining INSTANT top glues in 500ml containers. In trays of 5 units, include INSTANT METALLIC golden, INSTANT GLITTER GLUE in red, INSTANT GLOW yellow, INSTANT COLA WHITE COLOR violet and INSTANT SUPERCLEAR COLOR green.