How to make homemade SLIME without borax, easily, safely and fun?


If you are an expert in making homemade slime experiments without borax, you will surely love discovering the NEW SLIME KITS WITH INSTANT GLUE.

We launch a whole collection of slime toys: six different models with specific content to make slime according to each character or theme. Discover from “how making gorilla snot” to “unicorn sparkles”, and much more...

These six new INSTANT KITS SLIME is specially designed for those who still wonder “what Slime means?” and are anchored in the “Blandiblú” product of the early 80’s and also for those who are looking for a slime game for children to develop creativity. Real experts “slimers” will also enjoy trying our proposed slime recipes. Notice that all included ingredients to make slime without risks, are conformed to EN71 / 3 toy regulation:

  • 2 x INSTANT glue according to the chosen model.
  • 1 x Liquid slime (ACTIVATOR 250ml.) without borax, that substitutes the bicarbonate and contact lenses liquid.
  • 1 x Measuring cup to make the slime recipe as a scientist.
  • 2 x Wooden sticks to mix.
  • 1 x Jar to store your mucus or slime when ready.


If you are wondering where to buy slime, and specifically these new INSTANT SLIME KITS, remember that all INSTANT products are found in department stores, stationery and handcraft stores, and with no doubt, the extensive range of INSTANT slime glues can be bought online.

On our YouTube channel, you will find a lot of videos about making slime. Follow our social networks, to don’t miss the latest news in slime glues, as well as, many other tips such as “how to fix a liquid slime?”



If you are thinking about to expose all new INSTANT SLIME KITS, a perfect option could be to choose INSTANT SLIME KITS DISPLAY, which comes with a piece of each model. Display replacements can be made in packages of 3 units of each model.

Do not hesitate to contact us to order  SLIME KITS POSTERS. They will help to impact in retail.

If you already know and offer our range of slime adhesives in your shop, do not forget to complete it with the new INSTANT SLIME ACTIVATOR. It will be taken off from your hands! The perfect solution to make slime with no risks.