Which glue stick should I choose for BACK TO SCHOOL?


It's time to prepare all items for back to school. Find the glue stick that better suits you.

The INSTANT CLASSIC family includes the 10gr. glue stick, tiny and handy, and the most introduced sizes of 20 gr. and 40gr.

INSTANT CLASSIC also has a super large size of glue stick, unique in the marke: The INSTANT CLASSIC 100gr glue stick, perfect for gluing large surfaces, such as theater back decor, murals, etc.

Another unique format on the market of glue bars INSTANT CLASSIC PRECISION 5gr. With a pen-like design, suit it into your pocket and have it always handy.

Also a perfect size to include in pencil case. INSTANT REMO adhesive bar, in 20gr format. is removable. It allows to paste and then take off easily, without causing any damage. A good option to make and work murals, concept maps, etc ...

For beginners in glue sticks use, INSTANT MAGIC is a color stick, invisible when dry. This model is also offered in different sizes (20gr., 40gr., And the super large size of 100gr.).   INSTANT GLUE BARS, for gluing paper, cardboard, photos ..., are known for their extensive trajectory and quality. A wide variety of solvent-free glue for different school uses.