1. 09/07/2021
    O! SLIME Video oSlime
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  2. 17/02/2020
    Make colorfull slime at home with the new INSTANT SLIME KITS.
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  3. 23/08/2019
    It's time to prepare all items for back to school. Find the glue stick that better suits you.
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  4. SLIME, safe and fun
    If you have not yet found the slime recipe with glue ... Have a look to the tips we have prepared for you!
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  5. 23/07/2019
    If you are an expert in making homemade slime experiments without borax, you will surely love discovering the NEW SLIME KITS WITH INSTANT GLUE.
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  6. Do shinning handcraft with the GALAXY glitter GLUE INSTANT
    Traditional white glue used for different surfaces, has been transformedin such a way that it has become a very attractive and indispensable element handicrafts lovers. This spring comes full of color, brightness and magic with the new INSTANT GLUE launches.
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