Instant Glue with paintbruh 10g - CYANO

Ideal for bonding : plastics, pottery, rubber, porcelain, hard woods, marble, metals, mother-of-pearl, ivory, glass, etc.

• Ensure surfaces to be bonded are clean, dry and free of dust or grease.
• Apply a small amount of glue. One drop is enough. If too much is used the effectiveness and speed of bonding is reduced.
• Join the pieces, avoiding contact with fingers. Hold for between 15-30 seconds, until it is set. Maximum resistance will be reached after about 12 hours.
• Wipe the nozzle after use with acetone to remove any residue and screw on cap until completely closed.
• Store in a cool dry place, away from light.

Display units: 12 u.

Packaging units: 120 u.

Ref.: 24500