White Silicone 30ml

USES: For sealing bathroom fittings, shower doors and bathtub enclosures. It prevents leaks in sinks and taps in the kitchen. It seals and sticks glass in glass cabinets, glass with woodwork, aluminium and PVC.

THE WHITE INSTANT SILICONE  will prevent mold from forming in the places where it has been applied. It will keep elasticity at all times and doesn't crack as time goes by. Its well-researched composition makes it particularly resistant in places which are most  affected by excesses of water and damp.

How to use: Clean well the surfaces to be sealed, getting rid of dust, water and dirt in general. Spread using a spatula or fingertips soaked in soapy water. After 24 hours, the sealed area will have set and you will then be able to cut the surplus material with a blade.

Display units: 12 u.

Packaging units: 120 u.

Ref.: 16640